Switching between modes

On my Mac, I can switch between Engrave Mode, Play Mode and Print Mode using Command 3-4-5, but I can’t switch to Write Mode from any of these using Command-2. Also, when I use Command-1, I don’t get Setup Mode. If I’m in full screen, it simply takes me back to my home screen, if I’m not in full screen, Command-1 does nothing. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s inconvenient and breaks the workflow to not be able to get from Engrave to Write quickly…

Works as expected for me - just double checked in full screen mode. Maybe double check that you haven’t assigned those keyboard shortcuts to something else? Or maybe it got deleted somehow?

Yep, I had those keystrokes assigned elsewhere. Changed it and it works fine. Thanks

you’re welcome. It is handy to switch between.