Switching between VSTi:s via expression maps? [SOLVED!]

I’ve been cornered a few times by this question lately.
I don’t think it’s possible but I really like to be proven wrong haha!

Let’s say I have a few instances of Retrologue and a MIDI track with expression maps.
Let’s say I have a few similar preset in the Retrologues and I want to switch between them automatically.
Is there a way to switch between the Retrologues from within the expression maps.

And I don’t need a workaround so the question and the problem in its entirety is described above.

Now it’s time for a feature request? :smiley:


The underlying question is if one can address different midi ports, as opposed to channels on the same port.

The answer is… yes. Using MIDI sends with the Transformer plugin filtering channels.

attached is a cpr, not a zip file- change the suffix to cpr upon download
portSwitchViaExpMap.zip (411.2 KB)

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Spectacular !!! :metal: :sunglasses:
And thanks for the master piece in a to me unknown genre! :rofl:
After I posted I though about something along these lines but got lazy and dismissed it. :flushed: BOOOH!

To make this work I added one PadShop channel and added one line per transformer and figured they must be there to mute all the other channels except for the one it’s playing . Easy to miss the “And/Or” column at the far right side of the Transformer but they need to be set to “Or”. The rest was just more of the same.
So … NOW IT WORKS so thank you very much!!!

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I’m glad you got the joke! It was fun.