Switching Edit Modes - D3

In preferences, for Edit using the mouse I prefer to use “Create Item at selection”, but every once in a while I switch to “Load pointer with item”. However, this entails several steps - which is distracting. Is there any way in Dorico to make this into a one click operation?

I’m running Mac - I assume there’s some sway of setting this up with an OS macro - but I’m hoping that there’s a way to do this inside Dorico.

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

Hmm… I don’t think so. Preferences aren’t really exposed to key commands.

If nothing is selected in the score and you click on a playing technique on the right panel, the mouse gets loaded with that playing technique, even if your preference is set to Create item at selection. Is there anything else you’d like to do? If that’s the behavior you’re looking after, simply press escape before selecting a playing technique. If you need to enter it on different spots, use alt-click…
Hope this helps !

Mark - That’s it. Thanks!