Switching effect displays

I like Cubasis a lot but one thing seems unnecessarily difficult to me. It’s obviously not unusual to have more than one effect plug-in inserted on a track, but the only way I can see to switch from one plugin that’s displayed to another that’s inserted on the same track is to close the plugin, go to the channel fader, bring up the effects menu and select the other plugin that you want to adjust. It would be much more convenient if the same effects menu that’s accessible from the channel fader were accessible while the plugin that you’re adjusting is displayed. If there’s a quick way to switch between plugins and I’m just overlooking it, I’d appreciate feedback on that. If not, it should be a relatively easy improvement for the designers to just put the “e” icon alongside the automation and side chain icons so accessing it is less cumbersome. Just my two bits.

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The “e” button (e > edit) in the individual insert slot allows to quickly switch the effect displays of each effect, to be shown in the effects rack below.

Here is a short clip, to demonstrate how quickly it works.

In addition, please check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, where our friend Dom Sigalas shares all required steps to produce a full blown track with Cubasis in just a few minutes time.

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