Switching from Android to iOS Questions


I’m going to buy a Ipad 9 because I want to use other software synths and audio apps from my iPad with cubasis.
At this moment I got a android setup with a lenovo yoga mediapad(Speakers good but all other specs complete trash)+OTG USB HUB+Behringer UC22 Audio Interface+diffetent midi corntrollers.
I want to record audio data with the Behringer UC22 like Hardware synthesizers or microphone.
I’ve seen a lot youtube tutorials and videos but got some questions.

Here are my questions:

1 Is the iPad 9th Generation 10" good for using cubasis? All videos shown Ipad pro but thats very expansive. Is the performance boost necessary for cubasis?

2 Since I know that Apple prducts draining batteries very strong, is there a connector with dual USB and charging at the same time? I want to charge the Ipad with a powerbank while using it with MIDI Inputs and Audio Interface.

3 is it possible to root a audio channel of another app Audio Unit like Caustic3 to cubasis (same ipad) and, will it be mono or stereo? Ive seen videos showing a “file browser” with all apps on iPad which could be rooted to a channel in cubasis. Is there a list with all apps which are supported to be rooted or are all “audio” apps ready for use in cubasis?

4 Is there a way to copy audio files to Cubasis iPad folder without using the workaround with the “files app” and a external harddrive? Is it not possible to connect the ipad and copy over some new files with windows explorer?

Thank you for reading

I hope you all have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi @Track11,

Thanks for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum.

Re 1)
Basically, Cubasis should run fine on all current iPad and iPhone series devices.

Re 2)
We strongly recommend to only use original Apple adapter, especially when connecting audio devices to the iOS device to be used with Cubasis. Apple offers adapters which allows charging at the same time, please browse the Apple website for more details.

Re 3)
I’m not sure about your question here. Cubasis includes full Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support. Unsure, if this answers your question.

Re 4)
It is not possible to transfer files from a PC to an iPad using the Windows explorer. I suggest to browse the web for the best steps to transfer files from the PC to an iPad (there should be various options to do this).

Hope that helps to answer your questions!