Switching from the USB license to the soft license

Dorico community,

How do I switch from the USB license to a soft license? I’m really tired of being stuck with the USB thumb drive, and I gather it is not necessary any more.

But I wrote to Dorico support a week ago, and have heard nothing back.

Any advice out there?



PS I am registered user of Dorico 3.5, I just didn’t realize that one could have Dorico licensed to one’s computer, as opposed to the horrible USB thumb drive thing. But now I seem to be stuck with the thumb drive.

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At this moment, it is technically impossible to migrate a license from USB-eLicenser to soft-eLicenser.

No: it is still required. Steinberg is working out how to move its entire product line to a new system, but that obviously takes some time to do properly, ensuring that everyone can move over quickly without any downtime.

It is hoped that the next version of Dorico will use the new dongle-free system, whatever form it will take.

Interestingly, mine only uses e-Licenser, which has worked great. I have been on Pro for almost a year now. I should hope that they’d be able to migrate it over with only some minor modifications, however ensuring there is no downtime is a big obstacle! Hopefully soon!

That is indeed interesting, Quarkman. I had heard of others not needing the USB dongle already. How is that possible?

Can someone from the Dorico team give us some clarity on this?



If you only want to run Dorico on one computer, leave it on the software eLicenser. If you want to run Dorico on multiple computers, move the license from the software eLicenser to the hardware eLicenser (dongle). Moving the license from the software eLicenser to the hardware eLicenser is a one-way trip.

Those of us that are running Dorico without a dongle never moved the license onto the dongle.


Great info as always @pianoleo ! When I installed/upgraded it was the default option selected and I never changed it. I would suspect that moving your computer from the dongle back to eLCC would also be a one-way trip as it’s now transferred to only the one computer again.

Nope. It’s a one-way trip only… from computer to dongle. Can’t go back at all. That probably should be more clear on installation (“are you SURE you want to do this?”).

I agree and I know it’s a one-way to the dongle. However the programming gurus, if they are going to implement a move to eLCC only going forward suggests that there might be a way (such as copying the new license key into the eLicenser) and since it would be a new key/version (guessing v4 would get this) the dongle is no longer needed and you can use it for other things. Given that possible hassle, I don’t plan on moving mine! :grin:

Just pure speculation on my part (along with the curious part of me thinking ‘how could it be done… ?’) :blush: