Switching MIDI channels on one instrument track

I’m wondering if it is possible to do as follows:

  • in the beginning of the piece, i’d like to use violins divisi to 3 and set them to trigger my EW 4 violins patch
  • after the beginning, when the violins join unison, i’d like to use the 12 Violins patch

Is it possible to load the patches on separate midi channels and then change the MIDI chanels accordingly?

I hope i described it clearly enough:)

I think the best option here would be to use two different upstem voices for divisi and for unison. Then in Play mode, you can assign different VST patches on a per-voice basis.

You won’t see any difference in the score, unless you turn on View–Voice Colors.

Ok.Thanks but theoretically, is it possible write midi channel messages into staves?

I’m not smart enough to answer that, sorry!

No, you can’t directly write explicit instructions to switch MIDI channels in the score. You can, however, set up playback technique switches that will carry out a change of MIDI channel in your expression maps, and then trigger these by way of playing techniques that you enter in the score.

Ok.sounds interesting.any idea how to do it?

I tried creating a new playback technique called “midi1”.
Then i edited it in the write mode, from “edit playing technique”, changed it’s name to “midi1” and linked it with playback teqhnique i created.
Then i created an expression map and hit “absolute midi channel change” and linked it to midi1 playback teqhnique but still no change…what did i do wrong?

It’s difficult to say, exactly. Can you attach your actual project so we can take a look?

I uploaded a small demo project, where i was trying to get it work.THanks!
MIDI SWITCHER.dorico (2.3 MB)

I can see two problems here. Firstly, the violin stave is routed to ‘02 Play’ ch2, which is set to use the EW Solo Oboe expression map, but you’ve added the midi1 technique to the EW 18 Violins expression map. (Did you intend to route it to ch12 rather than ch2?).

The second problem is that the EW 18 Violins expression map doesn’t contain an entry for ‘Natural’, which is required as the default state. If I add a Natural entry and change the channel to 12 then I see this in Play Mode (note that the playing technique lane tooltip provides very useful information to help you work out what’s happening).

wow thanks! it works now!