Switching midi ports for an External Instrument

I have made my own device panels for a Korg Triton Le, MS-2000, Nordlead2, Sub 37. These are working perfectly. I just purchased the OB-6 and wanted to hook it up immediately, which I did. I swapped the midi cables going to the Triton and connected them to the OB. Then I created a new device panel for the OB-6. Then I swapped the midi cables to the Nordlead2 and connected them to the Triton. The OB-6 is working fine but the Triton will not play back midi notes at all now. It still functions as a midi controller using the Nord connections but it is not getting midi to the Triton.

So here is the question.
Do I have to remake all my device panels just to switch the midi ports they are connected to?
I have gone into the midi device manager and set the midi connections as they should be. But still no go with the Triton. I have removed all External Inst in the VST Connections page and re-added them being careful to select the correct midi ports but still the Triton doesn’t respond.

Any bright ideas?


If I get your point… You can change the MIDI port in the MIDI Device Manager. Just change the Output, which is assigned to the Device.

Thanks for your answer, I have tried that and it doesn’t seem to help. I have made progress though. I got the Triton communicating properly now but the Nordlead is doing the same thing. So one step ahead one step back.

Solved…It came down to a midi cable only working when it felt like it. Which was about half the time, just enough for me to discount it as the problem. All is well again in external land.