Switching mono to stereo

After contacting the Steinberg support, they send me here to post my request, so I do.

This was my request sended to the support :

I often received mono tracks from my clients. During my mixing process, I often need to apply some stereo effects directly as an insert on these tracks (e.g.: reverb, delay stereo, cloner, etc.). So I find myself constantly creating new tracks (stereo) to drag my mono clip on, and having to rename them correctly. You will agree that on a large project with many tracks, it quickly becomes restrictive and time-consuming.

Since stereo tracks can already handle mono clips/events, I wonder why it is not possible to easily switch between a mono track and a stereo track. On the track, there is already a non-clickable button that tells us if the track is mono or stereo (the one with the circle(s)), I wonder why it is not possible to simply click on this button in order to switch quickly between a mono track and a stereo track. This would save a lot of time, and to be able to add this function to the Logical Project Editor would make it possible to do this quickly on a large number of tracks.

Is there already a similar function that I don’t know about? According to my extensive research on the Internet and on your forums, no similar function is present on Cubase, while many other DAWs do not have this problem (either because they have this function or because they manage stereo more flexibly).

I know that there is some old topics about this subject (some from 2014), but this option is still not existing in Cubase. And the support told me to create a request here so I think I could lol.

Thank you in advance.


Completely agree on this one!!! Very annoying this non-clickable button. Thanks for scharing. Hope they’ll pick it up.

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Yeah, I would like to agree on this one, it would be really nice to have it.

You could (it’s an evil hack though and maybe not the best solution):

  • select all tracks you want to stereofy
  • press F3 and in the top press the “Link” button to create a linked group
  • be sure to check “inserts” and “sends” before hitting Enter
  • go to inserts and pick “MonoToStereo” Plugin
  • set it to 100% width and lowest possible delay and color

You’ll end up with 1ms delay between left and right and it’s probably not the best solution. Maybe there’s a better plugin for that out there somewhere that does nothing else then converting mono to stero.

Still a mono<->stereo button would come in very handy.

Dear Friede,

It is not so much the point of converting your tracks to stereo or even split back to mono (many ways to do that) it is so that Cubase and Nuendo can both deal with mono and stereo audio on a stereo channel. But once a channel is set to mono or stereo it can’t be changed. It is not about the audio itself but about the channel carrying the audio. Now what’s the deal?

If you for instance import a multichannel guitar recording existing out of 3 mic’s and a DI signal and all of them are mono (naturally…) there is mostly not so much of a problem with the mic signals. In practice they might need some EQ and leveling and maybe a FX send but even going to multi[le outputs (as I mix on a 48 channel large console) is no problem. Even if the recording would exist of way more mic’s I could still treat them as I’d like and ‘pan’ them in any chosen way so they’d end up ‘pre-panned” on 2 channels on my console or as a 2 channel group in your DAW as you like it. But what if I’d like to use the DI signal to virtually re-amp? Using the mono channel works but in my amp-sim there is the choice to use different mic’s and speaker setups for both the left and the right channel accompanied by a real room convolution. i.e. pseudo-stereo… That only works with the mono audio on a stereo channel. See the point?

Please drop the idea that creating pseudo-stereo with a plugin causing 1ms of delay is a good alternative. It is not! Think of it in a different way and consider the ease of live when Steinberg lets you decide what the channel should be like. Live would even be better as the choice would extend not only to mono-stereo, but with an extra option to all the surround options available. It would make my live a lot easier at least…

All the best and I hope Steinberg reads and reacts to this post.


I agree with the need for a channel ‘switch’ - but as a workaround you can drag your mono audio part to a new stereo track. Doesn’t copy any plugins that you have already but it gets you onto a stereo channel.

And it’s what I’m doing on every sessions when I receive mono tracks from other people. But is still very restrictive when there is a lot of tracks and when I need to rename each one after for example.

I also have project templates with mono tracks that some times I want to easily change (e.g. I record a mono vocal then I want to add a stereo effect on it during the mix). So I do the “new stereo track” trick but an easy switch button would be more efficient.

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Would be really great to have it.