Switching patterns in Rozeta

Using the latest version of cubasis. I am using Rozeta XOx to trigger a built in drum kit. In Rozeta I have two patterns. When recording if I switch between the two patterns the sound changes but the recording keeps recording the first pattern. Hopefully that made sense…thanks.

Hi Antkn33,

Thanks for your message.

Please provide us with a step description, so we can give the issue a repro:


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  1. Summary/Title
    Switching patterns in Rozeta XOX does no record correctly

  2. Description
    I load Rozeta XOX as a MIDI effect. In XOX I create two patterns using the numbers on the upper left. In cubasis I tap record and the first pattern starts recording. After 8 bars I tap the number 2 in XOX. The second pattern starts playing. However, when I listen back to the recording after the 8 bars, the first pattern continues playing and the second pattern never plays.

  3. Expected Results
    After the 8 bars, I expected I expected the second pattern to be recorded and played back

  4. Actual Results
    The second pattern was never recorded

  5. Environment
    Cubasis 2.4, ios 11.3, latest version of Rozeta, ipad pro 9.7"

Hi Antkn33,

Thanks for your bug report.

Gave the issue a short repro with Cubasis 2.4 on an iPad.
Things work as expected here, part changes have properly recorded within the MIDI event.

Did you check to de-activate the Rozeta XOX plug-in after recording it to a new MIDI event?
If so, please open the MIDI effects tab and tap the on/off button to set XOX to off.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,