Switching sample rates for recording DI guitar

I’m trying to imagine a process for my new projects, in which I’d like to use a Radial DI to take a good guitar signal at 96kHz. Is it “correct” to switch the sample rate during the session? Will my other tracks be affected by this change? Maybe it’ll ask to convert them.

I would either do the whole project at 96khz or do the guitar at the project sample rate

You can have an awful recorded guitar signal at 192Khz and an amazing at 44.1.
It’s not the sample rate that will make the difference.
There are much more important things like the strings and the quality of the instrument, player, performance, pres, converters, gain staging

So you can take a good guitar signal at any sample rate, 44 or 48, 96Khz.
Is it no difference at all? Sure it can be.
How much of a difference and the impact in the overall outcome of your production? It depends on your skills.

You can always test it, reamp a guitar and capture it at 44.1khz and 96Khz, then make your own conclusions and choose what works better for you.

That said I am working 96/32 but for other reasons such as vst upsampling and nyquist filter artifacts.

Not really, it will mess your whole project

That’s for sure

I would suggest to avoid unnecessary conversions. Choose your sample rate beforehand and go on with this.

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