Switching Sound Cards, can you specify an order?


I on trial with Cubase 6 and like it a lot. It has very slick graphics and doesn’t overload my graphics card like other programs I’ve used but since I use multiple sound devices often it is reverting to ASIO Direct X when in fact I’d prefer for example ASIO4ALL for my onboard sound device or one of my hardware devices.

Is there a way to do this?


Unless you’re having some Asio4All-related problem on your machine I would guess you will solve your problem by making your own project template(s) to start new projects from. (Quite a lot of the settings in Cubase are stored on the project level.)

Simply create a new project and make all the ASIO and VST connection settings and then use “Save as template” from the file menu.



I’ve found many settings are saved in the project but not ASIO settings for some reason.

VST Connections are saved though.

While it would be best to have the ASIO driver “remembered” in the project I’d sill like to be able to specify an order so that when one device isn’t available it looks to the next one and so on. Of course this may only be appropriate for stereo outputs.

Here’s hoping for 6.1! :imp:

Hello mysteryshopper, cristopherson, Brains, Astroboy

This feature will not come.



ASIO 2.3 perhaps?