Switching to Apple silicone mode instead of Rosetta2 and keep all of my plug-ins and VST's

I just realized I’ve installed all my plug-ins while using the Rosetta 2 mode instead of the Apple silicone. I figured it out now that I’ve updated my cubase to 12.0. 40 version and i noticed while booting the program it said in brackets (Rosetta2 mode). After noticing that, I have switched to the Apple silicone mode and now 95% of my plug-ins and vst’s aren’t showing up. Is there any way to solve that and keep using all of my Plugins and VST’s on Apple Silicone Mode ??
Reinstalling all of my plug-ins would take me a decade and I’m not even sure all of them would work.
And if not, how bad would it be to keep using Cubase with all the plugins via Rosetta 2 instead of the M1?
Thank you.


I’m not aware, there would be 2 dedicated (M1 Native and Rosetta 2) installers. My expectation is, one installer installs both.

Therefore I expect the plug-ins you don’t see in the M1 Native mode are simple not compatible yet (in case you have all plug-ins up to date).

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Hey Martin! thanks for your response. My intention wasn’t as if there is a different kind of installer for Rosetta mode. I accidentally installed all of my plugins while Cubase used the Rosetta mode. Apparently for many Macbooks the Rosetta mode is the default for opening apps, so I didn’t even notice I was using the Rosetta mode all this time.
and now when I open Cubase with the Apple silicone mode none of the plugins work. By that point I’ll guess they’re just not compatible with Apple silicone. So I guess I’ll just have to keep working on Cubase using the Rosetta mode.

Cubase won’t run VST2 plugs in silicon mode. Only VST3. It does in Rosetta mode though.
Could that be why you don’t see your plugs?


Hey Marshall, Wish that was the case… All of my plugins are VST3, and yet they won’t work without Rosetta. I wish there was a way to use Rosetta only for the plugins, while enjoying the benefits of Cubase being m1 native.

Simply being VST 3 isn’t enough for the plugins to work in native M1 mode. The plugins themselves also need to support M1/Apple Silicon.

Check the “Comment” column. Those are all plugins that don’t support the Apple Silicon architecture and need to be updated.

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Here’s a list that shows VST3 native versions of plugins.

Looking at your plugins a load of those are VST3 silicon native - like the fabfilter. Just install the latest version.

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