Switching to Engrave mode with music selected

In my workflow, I came across this quite a lot, when I work on the layout of a piece:
I adjust something in Note Spacing, Staff Spacing or adjust the Frames (one of the three toggles is switched on) and find something, I have to change in Write Mode. I go back to write Mode, make the edits and perhaps select something (notes, dynamics …) and switch back to Engrave Mode, to adjust the position. Unfortunately Dorcio goes back to the last Mode I was in and I loose my selection. It would be a time saver, if Dorico would respect the selection and change to “normal” Engrave Mode in this case.


This is a problem I often have… It could be nice to have a shortcut similar to the on in write mode (alt-cmd 1 or 2) to toggle between page and galley view ; only with Engrave mode (basic/last used)

We have considered adding a preference to determine whether or not Dorico should leave the “special” editing mode when you switch away from Engrave mode. I think this would be helpful sometimes, and not others. You can assign shortcuts to toggling the various special modes in Engrave mode (in the Edit category, rather than the Engrave category, in the Key Commands page of Preferences).

Thank you Daniel !

Thanks for your answer, Daniel. My topic was mainly about “what happens if you have something seleted in write mode and switch to Engrave mode”. I would assume, that over 90% of the users want to adjust this selection. It really happens to me a lot, that I loose my selection, because the last time I worked in Engrave mode I had one of the “special” editing modes on. It get’s a bit annoying when this happens frequently, but perhaps this is just a bad workflow of mine.

Well, I think the preference we would add would be to leave the special edit mode when you leave Engrave mode. This has been suggested by a couple of people, so it’s certainly something we are considering.

That sound like a good solution for me as well!

Thanks, Daniel ! This would be great, especially considering the shortcuts available to access directly those special edit modes (which I already adopted and I looooove my new cmd-alt-3 and 4 for staff spacing and note spacing editing !)

This kind of communication with the team is what makes Dorico so unvaluable. It felt like Christmas yesterday :wink: