SX MBand Compressor: Please bring it back...even better!

I know I whined about it on the other post but Im making it specific…I did a quick new project in SX because I was frustrated…and thanks Steinberg for keeping SX3 alive

I wanted to create a request;

  1. Is it possible legally to do it ie re release as 64bit recompile as is?
  2. Load some clips so as to display how good it actually was
  3. Or am I need of a holiday and can someone supply that please lol
  4. Bring some of the good features like gate from squasher, bspline instead of polyline, parameters as per current mband.

The example is basically another raw string quartet (which I rarely do but it really shows how quick MBand is)
It took me about 15mins of tweaking to feel it out. and then printed it.

The channel ONLY has MBand or No Mband (other that a limiter on the mix buss)
I roughly PEAK matched them because the settings are practically all upward compression with spectral lift in the highs

Load up similar in Spotify and do a comparo…Im not guru so Im asking for GENTLE criticism and feedback as I think this tool is STILL amazing

A simple live ORTF stereo mic (that has a faulty capsule so its crackling slightly in the left channel)


Please load it up and do a direct blind AB
Try and replicate the same using squasher (or 1 single plugin) and see how long it takes and if you can even get it… it really only took 15mins of fine tune in SX

Example A: SX Multiband

Example B: None

I have a pop project coming up…will show it on that too…such a good tool

I think it is rather unlikely that Steinberg will bring back this plugin… TBH, i wouldn’t vote for that feature request, because personally I’d prefer SB to work on features and workflow improvements instead of plugins which I can buy elsewhere if needed (and I rarely use multiband anyway)
I know that it is hard to give up tools that we’ve grown accustomed to, but have you checked if there are other plugins that can give you similar results, even if maybe through different methods? From the top of my head I can think of some very flexible dynamic processors:
TDR Nova GE (dynamic EQ with compression and expansion)
fabfilter MB-Pro
dmgaudio Multiplicity
Melda DynamicsMB (even with fully customizable transfer curves)

Just to give you some ideas. The market for plugins is massive today, maybe there is something there that fits your workflow.

Thanks @fese
Um yep been through all those and thats why Im back here grovelling lol (except Multiplicity…checking it now)

Really drill into the examples and look at the details…that tool is another world in simplicity.

I know a lot of people will chip in and try and help. What Im saying is…try replicating it yourself…
Im a consultant for code…my time could have easily bought any of that stuff for the time spent posting…thats why I posted some examples in the hope that somewhere…there might be an understanding of what it can actually do
When you the penny drops…you go…woooow!

Just try it; Squasher is the closest…just go ahead and try and replicate the curves like that.
Mix to print in 15 mins AND enjoyable and intuitive

Melda very slightly gets there but seems to be 24bit internal as its clips hard on output, not multiband and the curves dont use industry standard bspline behaviours so its a bit clumsy

EDIT: Multiplicity looks good…but on a different context; you still can seamlessly transfer upward comp/expansion/dc etc. Also Id be scared to give my money away to a company that couldnt afford an iso booth for the demo and instead did the voice over in a 3x3 room :slight_smile:

MDynamicsMB is definitely multiband (up to 6 bands). And they claim on the product page that they use 64bit processing (by which they mean floating point, I presume).
I admit I havent tried both these tools, but just looking at the features methinks that MDynamicsMB can do pretty much all of the old SB multiband compressor, and much much more. You have to deal with the Melda GUI, though, which I admit I am not really a fan of (I’d agree on “clumsy”).
Anyhoo, it seems we have very different workflows, because for me spending 15min tweaking a plugin is a sign that I am doing something wrong or am using the wrong tool for the wrong task :grin:
Good luck on your quest, though!

Yeah the MB is…I just got the Comp to try it.

Tech support werent super clear…Im sending them some files but even 32 bit internal is practically unclippable

Thats the whole deal remember…spectral balance, k-20 balance etc for 40 minutes of audio…it takes 5 mins to check and cue all the range diffs alone;
Amongst that you also AB against reference tracks
I mean thats the whole job! Are we talking about the same thing?

You do a whole sound job in less than 15…wow love to hear some of your tracks…got any?
Love to hear what you do??


I find esp with 12, workflow is so fast now its the least concerning aspect. I do admit i have prob spent a couple of weeks reprogramming/learning and switch to razer keypad…never dreamt one could get around so quickly and comfortably and i have been on it since 89

Would loved if sb already did all the homework but the framework is there at least