SX2 upgrade to newer version possible?

hi everyone! Never been registered here due to running steinberg softs offline for many years, but finally want to switch to 64bit under Windows OS. Is there any cross/update/upgrade available doing this from SX2 to newer versions even if not latest? Artist/Full version 6,7,8??? :unamused:
Thanx in advance!!!


I’m sorry, this kind of upgrade is not available.


It is currently possible to upgrade from SX2 to 8.5 PRO (not availble to Artist), as i’ve just done it, and for a briliant price too (£199).

There’s an upgrade offer running to August 15th, and if you include the code UPGRADE16, you can get 40% off. Haven’t used cubase too much over the years (free time with 3 kids non-existent), but too good an offer to miss, to get on the latest version, especially having upgraded to Windows 10. My SX2 was registered in 2003 :slight_smile:.

Initially, the e-licencer said there were no products available to upgrade, but downloaded the latest e-licencer updates and it worked. Happy days.

…Until August 15, 2016 only. Se this article.