Sx3 30 day trial activation and beyond

Hi, I have downloaded sx3 and activated the 30 day license for sx3 from my dongle with se3 on it…HOW do i buy or activate the full version. I cannot seem to find anything on the e-licenser to do it.

Hm… Cubase SX3 was discontinued nearly 20 years ago. Only current versions are sold.

Such a waste of time and effort, Steinberg might as well of not bothered to put any older downloads on there site. A wasted opportunity to still sell older products to people with older systems.

I hear you… Sorry to have been the bearer of bad tidings.

Y’know, a couple weeks ago someone here mentioned something about selling an SX3 license…

…I found the thread: Purchasing legal copies of Cubase 5 or SX3 - #21 by Dean0

In fairness, the older versions are still on the website for people who still have valid (activated) SX3 licenses, or upgraded licesnes that allow SX3 to run; the intention is not to sell SX3. Every version from Cubase 4 upwards can be upgraded at a discount, so yes, it’s unfortunate that you miss out, but you did wait 20 years to activate that trial. You might try contacting Steinberg sales – this is a user-to-user forum.

The fact that an SX3 license activation still works at all is in itself a credit to Steinberg – I recently tried to reactivate a DAW from another company and was simply told to go away.

Hi, you still cannot get a code for C4 …I dont upgrade every week have been using a G4 for years with vst 5.1. Now using SE3 on my G5 with a hybrid 2.5 dual processor which i just fitted. One of those things they dangle the carrot but you never reach it…