SX3 (and GA 2) on Win 7 64bit: Installer crashing

Hi there,
today I tried to install Cubase SX 3 on my new notebook with Win 7 64 bit professional. I didn’t get far - after clicking two or three buttons I got the message “You have some processes running on your Computer that block the installation” or sth. similar. It was recommended to reboot the system, which brought no success. I permanently deactivated WLAN, shut down the firewall and the antivirus programs and rebooted once more, again without success.

To my surprise, Steinberg Hypersonic 2 (which I bought 2005 with SX 3 and GA 2 in a bundle), could be installed without any problem and works flawlessly now, both standalone and as a VSTi. However, I had to skip the “autorun.exe” in the installation process (it aborted the installation the same way it did with SX 3 and GA 2) and HS only installed after I had clicked on the install.exe on the disk manually. Unfortunately this trick didn’t help with SX 3 and GA 2.

Any ideas what’s wrong here? :unamused:


…oh, and a merry Christmas to everyone in the big Cubase universe!

SX3 is not supported on Win7 (also was not supported on Vista), so that is the most likely cause of the problem.

I would suggest upgrading to Cubase 5 from It is fully supported on Win 7 64. I hope this helps.

I made it,
just made use of the windows compatibility mode and the installer ran and so does SX 3.

However, the trick did not work neither with the latest SX update nor with Goove Agent 2.

:confused: Strange…

I had the same problem with SX3 on Win7 64bit.
Following worked for me:
The problem was, that I had the latest Wavelab7 and the latest eLCC installed.
The eLCC blocked the installer in the way it is described in the original post.
Uninstall any eLCC or LCC software -> Run installer from install disc in WinXP compatibility mode (also additional administrator privileges are required), also be sure your dongle is not plugged in -> if SX3 is installed (which worked for me now), install the latest SX3 update -> Uninstall eLCC (or old LCC) again, plug in your dongle and install the latest eLCC from Steinberg.

Good luck.

P.S.: If all went OK, run SX3 and modify the VST settings Expert options -> uncheck Multi processor mode. otherwise CPU usage flickers like crazy.