SX3 in Windows 7 x64?

Not sure if this has been asked/resolved…I did a search and didn’t find anything.

I have a song that I wanna go back to from back in the day. Im up on C6.5 but it needs “Reverb B”…figured I could only find that back in SX3 :frowning:

Does this help?

HA! Thanks Split I actually found that late last night after I posted that.

I dl’d and dropped it into my plugin folder and it did work.

What sucked was that I guess the only saved .cpr I have of this long lost song wasnt as good as the exported mp3 and wav’s I have of it. Not sure how that happened. I thought that once I got Reverb B and Dynamics back in it it would COME BACK TO LIFE and I could fix some of the timing in the audio.

Bleh…maybe there’s another .cpr on another crashed hard drive somewhere that’s better.