SX3 installed and willing to import one of my .ALL files...

Does anyone still have SX3 installed and would be willing to import one of my old .ALL files to convert to a .CPR file so I can use in Cubase 7?
ciao, Dan

Since you own Cubase, with that license you should be able to download SX3 for free yourself directly from the Steinberg site you know, and convert it yourself.

When I was using SX3 I had so many problems with Syncrosoft that I don’t want to screw around by uninstalling elicenser
installing the old Syncrosoft SW and then praying that the current elicense will re-install without any problems.
If it were many songs I might think about going thru the above process but it is only one song.

Well I may be wrong as I don’t have Cubase 7, but it is my ‘understanding’ that your Cubase 7 credentials (license) will run SX3 on the same machine. Maybe a mod or someone who uses SX3 and a higher version on the same machine can chime in. I’m just passing on what I’ve read on the ‘official’ Steinberg site.

In the meantime I guess you can wait for any takers on this. If no response, another option is to install that Cubase SX3 onto a separate computer, and convert the .all to a .cpr… surely you have another computer available.

Don’t know where you read that.
I have both Cubase 6 & 7 installed on my DAW.
When I try to install SX3 (in XP SP3 compatibility mode) under Run as Admin,
I get a popup saying
“There are other activated processes which disturb the installation process. Please restart the computer and repeat the installation”.
Which I do and still get the same popup.
That’s when I searched on this forum and found the process to go through if you want to install SX3.

What’s worse, I just tried to upload the .ALL file to this topic and I get a message that
“The extension all is not allowed”. :unamused:

Here’s the link, but doesn’t give any actual mention as to using SX3 on the same computer, or another computer. I’m assuming they’re primarily referring to being on the same computer.

Re: Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 4/5: a solution

Postby Steinberg Service » Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:01 am
Dear Cubase customers,

Cubase 4, 5, 6 and also 7 do not support the import of Cubase VST songs and projects anymore. In order to import your older Cubase VST projects and songs, you can install Cubase SX3 / SL3 / SE3> , which are available as a download here:

Cubase SX 3
Cubase SL 3
Cubase SE 3

Cubase SX3 / SL3 / SE3 can be run with your current Cubase licenses and allows you to import VST projects> , save them in the new *.cpr format and open them in current Cubase series. These are not officially supported under current Windows OS but should install and run just fine under Windows Vista / 7 / 8.

Please note that Cubase SX3 / SL3 / SE3 are PPC based versions and the latest Mac OS to run PPC applications is OS X 10.6. For Mac installations please be sure to install the eLicenser Control Center for Mac OS X 10.5 (PowerPC and Intel based), 10.6 and 10.7, which can be downloaded here.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Product Marketing Manager Cubase
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

If your Cubase 6 & 7 installations & license, isn’t allowing you to install SX3, you’ll likely need a response from Steinberg, as I’m just an arm chair warrior, pointing text to you here…along with vague memory of a mod answer a question I had some months ago…asking of I bought Cubase 7, if I could obtain lesser versions from Steinberg, and run any of them with Cubase 7. The asnwer I got was basically yes, but I’d have to contact Steinberg and ask. I’m guessing they’d want to know why I’d even want previous versions I’ve not had before, and justify a good reason? It didn’t ring clear that I can just get em’ all with no problem helping myself! So I may be in the same boat as you at some point.

I just created a Support Ticket.
Let’s see how Steinberg responds.
thanks SYNC.

Good, because you may end up not getting any takers on your request, so best to be proactive. I’d suggest for the sake of the ‘archives’ here, to post back in this thread with your solution so that others can benefit too.

And I did read on the dialog I posted above, that SX 3 may not run on the current OS versions, so this also may have been your issue…(?).

Good luck!

I don’t believe this will benefit others, at least not in the way one would expect.
Here is the reply from Steinberg US Support:

The Windows XP compatibility setting of Windows 7 may not work. Windows XP Home or Professional 32-bit were the last versions of the software that it was designed to work on.

any reply on this - me with 7.5, wishing to convert .all files on my mac10.9.4 ?

This was the reply I got from Steinberg Support.

The Windows XP compatibility setting of Windows 7 may not work. Windows XP Home or Professional 32-bit were the last versions of the software that it was designed to work on.

So if you still have an XP machine you’re in luck.
If not, fuhgeddaboudit!!!

Do you still need haelp with that? - PM me…

hi JW- yes indeed I do need help- nothing appears to work- not getting SX3 to work- and the help centre tends to reply in riddles or having not read any of my messages, so we go round and round- No solutions that work.
Thanks for asking!!

I have 2 separate drives for XP and Win 7.
SX3 works on both, with the Win 7 in 64 bit.
My trouble is doing the and .994 updates… E-license is updated per the Win 7 install.

pretty sure this has more to do with the version of Elicenser control center you have installed than it does with the os;
but perhaps the right version of Elicenser software only runs on XP/Vista?
if you read the article carefully it linked to a specific version of the elicenser software
which was eLC_6.3.6.1098:

after a bit of google-fu i found this pdf document on the release notes of said version :

which revealed it was compiled/released around May 29th 2012
Build Date
Mac/Win 2012-05-29

that is Windows 7 / Mac OS Lion territory

can any staff chime in on how this works?
does this only require the more modern licenser need to be connected?
or does it need to be on the same pc that has a working install of whatever exact version your license is for? as well as this eLC version? as well as installing the Cubase SX3 on that same OS/drive?
please explain