SX3 installer fail on MAC

I’ll keep it quick;- Mac user
I have full 9.5 licence- fully updated.
I need to get at old .all arrangements

All the Stienberg downloads of Cubase3 lead to a failed Installation- --No software found to Install.---- notice

PLEASE could someone explain to me what it is I need to do to SX3 working- I did have the original disc, but have long since lost it- although I do have my Cubase4!
On the Steiberg site , there is some talk of using the - Dynamic Binary Translator ‘Rosetta’- any ideas…

Greatly appreciated…

You have to be using a POWER PC Mac there, G4, G5. It will not install on an INTEL base machine.

I just tried it here, its a no go

Cubase 6 started having to have an INTEL based Mac

Im afraid you are out of luck

I dont think the Rosetta thing is available now for OSX

Thanx Sahabit- I went and bought an old PC and worked things out from there- many thanks benP