SX3 Plugins in Cubase 6

Hi All,

I have just purchased Cubase 6. I do really like it but the reason I purchased it was that my old computer died and I thought if I was going to buy a new one I may as well upgrade fully to the new cubase and go full 64 bit.

The only issue I have is that I have 2 albums of songs that I haven’t quite finished that I had recorded in the earlier version of cubase SX3 (I don’t have the disks from that version as I bought the computer from a friend years ago who sold me his Delta 1010 soundcard along with the computer and it had programs already loaded and I just used it as he held a full licensed copy and I have no numbers to contact him anymore as I moved states years ago). When the computer died I hadn’t backed up the software programs only the songs (which I was doing as I went). When I loaded them on to cubase 6 I noticed that not all the old plugins are in cubase 6.

I have looked around on the the forum and someone mentioned I should be able to go to your ftp site and download them. I have gone to the ftp site but I am lost as to where to find them (as I don’t have an existing copy of SX3 on this computer anyway) and how to get them into Cubase (but I think I can work that part out I just need the plugins). Is anyone able to help? Can this be done? I am really hoping it can as some of the mod delay sounds would be almost impossible to recreate (or at least heartbreakingly madness making to do so). It looks as if it can be done as they are sitting there in the VST file just saying they are missing. If it can be done would you mind telling me how I can get all those old VST plugins? Can I download them from the Steinberg site?

It is things like the Mod delay, Reverb A and Reverb B (these have the different settings within them which I can’t tell if I select large or Ice or Medium or whichever other choice), Da Tube, et cetera. I have noticed some of the plugins are the same on the new cubase and these do look like they’ll just work.

Any help you can give me will be very much appreciated as some of these songs have had a lot of work put into them and I have lost a little bit of sleep fretting about them and worrying that I won’t be able to get these plugins working and all those hours of creating the right tone, or delay sound will be gone.

Farnz Cordeaux
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Try here

Or here

Farnz Cordeaux
as i mentioned the other day there is only a small amount of plugin’s from sx3 for download ,but never fear , as you have a c6 license you can actually download sx3 from the fTP site and install it and run the sx3 on a 32 bit machine with the c6 with no problem and that way you could finish your albums. :smiley: :smiley:
Or i don’t know if it is possible BUT on a 32 bit machine to copy the dll fx files from sx3 to to c6 ,they should work but i would like someone to confirm that ?

edit , nice one split i looked and had problems locating them myself :blush:


Thanks John and Split your help is much appreciated

Actually before I do this, will SX3 run on Windows 7?

its not supported but i do believe that people in this forum do have it running on 32 bit win 7 ,you have nothing to loose by trying ,just make sure it is installed in a completely separate folder !


Actually before I do this, will SX3 run on Windows 7?

You don’t need to run it just the installer, then copy the plugin DLL’s you need to Cubase 6 VSTPlugins folder.
Most plugins work in C6, but not all of them (VB-1 does not work instance).

Are you saying that if you have purchased C6 that you can run any version prior to this without an additional license? I’m confused…

Plus, the installs on the ftp site are only updates, not full installers.

yes your c6 license is backward compatible ,as long as you have a c6 license you can run any cubase before it with that dongle , sx ,c4,c5

Good news everyone

Thanks Split and John,

Everything is up and running it all worked. I am sooooooooooo relieved. I also found that the legacy plugins do work in the 64 bit version of cubase so I didn’t have to install the 32 bit

Much appreciated

Now it’s time to finish those albums and start the next


Anyone feel like helping someone going thru something similar?

I’m on C6.5 and just found out how to retrieve songs from an OLD CRASHED hard drive…

Just missing the Reverb B and Dynamics plugin from SX3 though. Im on C6.5 now.

I tried these plugins but they’re not working :cry:

Any ideas?


I have downloaded a couple of these legacy plugins. I particularly LOVE mod delay, but I have noticed that when you set it up as a send effect in newer versions of Cubase, it only acts as a MONO effect. Whereas previously each sequential repeat would ping pong from left to right. I don;t suppose anyone knows of a solution to this? Thanks :smiley: