SX3 to C6 vocal comp question

Hi All!

I am currently using SX3 to get some song ideas down on “tape” before planning on bringing them into C6 when I purchase it. I didn’t want to wait, for fear of getting so lost in the C6 start up minutae that I lose the musical ideas I’ve got now.

As of now, when I vocal comp in SX3, I generate multiple “lanes” in one vocal track for the multiple takes (using loop recording). I see that C6 does something similar, that they also call lanes.

Would anyone know how the SX3 vocal track (with multiple takes in the one track) would transfer over to C6, or how to do it?

For the time being, do you think maybe it would be better if in SX3 I just put each vocal take into a separate track … less headaches when bringing everything over to C6?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

hi Alexis - just a thought; save yourself a lot of headache and anxiety about what might happen if… etc., and make a backup copy of the project(s) as it is right now. Put it (them) in a new folder with C6 in the title somewhere…

Now with that done, why not continue in SX3, since you know it well…? why not to completion even…?! Then, when you’ve got your C6 and you have some ‘experimental’ time, you could open the pre-saved versions and fiddle and try out things to your hearts desire - see where that gets you; even then, you could ask some questions here - OR, be able to give advice to others about your experience with what you’ve tried/achieved… :wink:

Or, you could work the songs up so that you’re at a stage to simply bring stems across to C6…

Having said that, project compatibility (between versions) should be pretty high - there is a chart in the knowledge base somewhere, that shows at a glance what to expect… do a search (from in MySteinberg). Though, not sure if its been updated to include C6 mind… :wink:


hi alexis

ive opened up quite a few sx3 projects in c6 and they all work without an issue ,the only thing that you do have to work on is the fx’s as some of them are now taken out of c6 , like the old dynamics and reverbs but apart from that they all work well , i can’t speak for the comping but i would of thought it would be the same


Thanks for that, john. Exciting days ahead!