Would like to move SX3 from my G4 to my Intel.

Would SX3 work in a Mac Intel OS 10.6 or earlier ?

Theres one good way to find out :wink:

It seems that the help/advice at the new forums has really changed from the help/advice offered at the former forums.

Thanks for your very helpful advice.

Sorry for the obvious answer :laughing: , but I thought I’d give you a reply anyway as the replies were sitting at 0

But on a serious point, as the request is slightly unusual and no one has replied the obvious thing to do is to try it, after all, at the worst it wont work and you can just delete it or however you uninstall in a Mac?

I apologize Sir because i truly did misunderstand your answer.

I realize that the SX3 is legacy Steinberg software. I’ll try to locate the old forums and perhaps there may be an answer there. It is just that if it will not boot in an Intel Mac then i just won’t waste time installing/removing. It plays fine in my G4 but the dear old G4 is somewhat underpowered to run all the plugs and do the audio gymnastics.