Sylenth1 on OS X - do I need jbridgeM?

I’ve been thinking of buying Sylenth1, but I’m a bit confused about it working with Cubase in OS X Yosemite. I thought Cubase had a VST Bridge for running 32bit VST’s, but from what I have I can find on the Lennar Digital website, it says you need Jbridge or 32lives - does anyone know if it works without buying extra software?

Or am I better off avoiding altogether and looking at another VST that works natively?

Many thanks!

Cubase 8 does have a VST bridge but with all these types of things it can be unstable. Personally I never got JBridge to play nicely with my Mac when I was using Logic (never tried with Cubase).

It’s probably worth giving a shot to Sylenth if you want it that bad. If it’s unstable with Cubase VST Bridge then I always found 32 Lives to be really good and they have quite a generous trial system so you can test it out before buying.