Symbols attached to side of notehead

There are many default symbols (playing techniques, ornaments, etc.) that attach themselves to the side (usually right side) of the notehead. For example, jazz articulations (bends, scoop, falls, etc.).

Is there a way to create a custom symbol (maybe a playing technique?) that attaches to a side of the notehead?

If I create a custom playing technique, the only options I have are on top or down the notehead, or on top or down the stem. I tried also creating a custom notehead with the symbol attached to it; that sort of worked out, but when using ledger lines, they extend to the symbol and look horrible.

Dorico provides dedicated features for jazz articulations that attach to the sides of notes, and you could if you wanted to replace one of the symbols used there if you’re not going to use it in your project via the Engrave > Music Symbols dialog.