Symbols instead text in the players names


up to this day, I always changed “flat” in the player names by googling the flat symbol so I could replace it. I noticed in Dorico 4.2 there is a kind of option for this, but then notice it is for staff labels, which I think I always had with the symbol. I am still confused about this option. Anyway, my question is, is there an option to have instrument names (in players so at the head of the page where the instrument name is for the part) to have symbols instead of “flat” or “sharp”?

Thank you

The Staff Labels (which appear beside the staff) are different from the Layout Names, used in Setup mode, which appear in the top right of Part layouts.

You can use the token {@flat@} to add the symbol to a layout name.

For Staff Labels, use the options in Layout Options to set whether the transposition key is shown or not.

Alternatively, go into the page templates and replace the {@layoutname@} tokens (in the top left corner of the First page template and the running header on the Default page template) with {@stafflabelsfull@}

This will then show full staff labels with whatever transposition info is set in Layout Options.


Thank you! I will try it like you folks said.

A follow-up to Leo’s post - if I use {@stafflabelsfull@} the running header looks correct, as well as the name on the first page. But if I use the default {@layoutName@} then I get this for the header - there are extra spaces around the flat symbol. (The player name on the first page still looks right, though.)

It looks like extra spaces, but it’s actually the set-width of the glyph itself in that (Asian fallback) font. It’s the same width as Chinese characters. For many years I have wished MacOS would default to Arial Unicode for ♯ and ♭ – those glyphs work better in text than any other font.

I don’t know how to solve this issue in Dorico …

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When Dorico substitutes the {@flat@} token, it uses the Music text character style, so it should always be choosing Bravura Text (assuming that’s what you have chosen in Library > Character Styles).

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