Symmetric messa di voce?

I am editing a late 18th century work where there are lots of <> in different sizes. For the small ones I can use the espressivo mark, but for most of them I have to use the shift+d <> version (messa di voce).

I know that I can adjust the <> with the messa di voce inflection switch, but I have some difficulties of making them completely symmetrical. And it takes time. Is there a shortcut or a smarter way that I am missing?


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No, there’s no secret, I’m afraid. Depending on the circumstances, you might find it saves a bit of time to copy and paste messa di voce that you have edited in Engrave mode to other staves and/or rhythmic positions; the properties will be copied along with them, so if you’ve adjusted the inflection point graphically, that will hopefully save you a few moments somewhere.

Thanks for confirming.

Yes, maybe I should try with an extra clipboard flow in a separate tab where I can keep snippets like this easily accessible.

Not even the worst bug with dynamics TBH (although it certainly is annoying).

The worst is how in some circumstances a hairpin on the last beat of a bar will completely disappear. It’s been an issue since there very beginning and it can still happen in 3.5.

I agree this last beat hairpin disappearance bug is a real pain. One I hope will be solved soon. I find it extremely unpleasant to have musical items disappear without notice. This one is already on the backlog IIRC and hopefully on the top of the pile…