Sympathy and condolences to the people of France and Paris

My heart goes out to you, and the families of those killed. There is no music in my heart now, just sorrow, maybe later …

I second those sympathy & condolences. Heartbreaking. Let this be yet ‘another’ a wake up call & reminder of the evils of of these types (you know who). Let the world stand together along with France, and rid planet earth from this scum.

If I may be so bold, may I ask that replies be limited to condolences only, and not include other issues? Otherwise, it may get out of hand, and those who are hurting now may not get to know our concern if this gets locked/deleted. Thanks -

My condolences to all those families of the world who’s loved one(s) were killed by the violence of others.

Je suis Charlie!

Yes - radical muslims.

Condolences to all the families. Let freedom ring!

Thank you… Je suis Charlie…

Vive Le France

ye thoughts are with the brave people of France. always be remembered.


Condolences to my French brothers and sisters.

It brings tears to my eyes each time I think of it. Words don’t do justice.

Thanks for posting this Alexis.

The news floored me.
My heart goes out to everyone this event affects.