Symphonic orchestra library not licensed

I recently received the invitation to use the trial version of Dorico 1.2 which I downloaded. Everything works fine except that I can’t get the Symphonic orchestra library to be used as the playback engine. According to the eLicencer Control Centre, the Symphonic orchestra library isn’t licenced but Dorico 1.2 is. What do I do?

The HALion Symphonic Orchestra license is included in the Dorico license, so you won’t see a dedicated license in the eLicenser Control.

What is the exact problem that you are facing, e.g. what error message is popping up at which time?
And if you create a new project from the Chamber Orchestra project, no sounds at all do get loaded into HALion Sonic SE?

So please give a little more info on what you experience.

When I open a project and add soprano, alto and bass voices to my project, the Halion Sonic SE keyboard interface would appear but it would be set to the electronic keyboard. When I open the Play tab and select Symphonic orchestra instead of Sonic SE, the Halion interface just disappears and the playback still plays the electronic keyboard sound.

When you installed Dorico, did you also install the HALion sounds? The download process involves downloading three files (separately). If you only downloaded the program, you do not have the complete setup.


I did that. I downloaded everything.

When I manually select Symphonic orchestra library and Groove agent, I get a message saying that the licence needs to be validated. When I check the eLicence Control centre, I can see that the Halion Symphonic Orchestra VST is in red. Please note that I can’t get choral voices like SATB to play back. Are SATB available in Sonic SE?

Have you tried reloading the Orchestra Sounds just in case something went wrong with the original download? Also make sure you get the Green status flag before moving on. I notice the progress bar keeps oscillating long after the list of sounds has finished loading, and until the green flag replaces the progress bar, the download and installation are not finished.

@jamozart1: That sounds all strange.
Could you please post a screenshot of the eLicenser Control Center window?
Also, please start Dorico, open that particular SATB project and then on the main menu choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
That will create a zip file on your desktop, please send that one to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de.
From the contained log files I can get a better overview of what is actually installed and what the program is doing.
I will then give more advice.

Hi every one,
After testing Dorico 1.1, I’m now testing Dorico 1.2 but some instruments are not available in the library like piano, organ, guitars, STAB voices.
For strings, the sound sounds more MIDI than real instrument sound. Do I have to activate something ?

I wanted to buy Dorico specially to compose with true instrument sounds… but I can’t test it properly.