Symphonic Orchestra Low Volume and Move

Hi - just installed HSO (Valentine’s Day sale) and volume is incredibly low (I’ve turned the mod wheel up as far as it will go). Is there anything else I can do to increase the volume.

Also, I wasn’t asked for a location to place it. It automatically went to my ‘C’ drive.

I want to place it on a dedicated external drive. IS it OK to simply cut and paste the content to the external drive?


I think I had the same low volume level problem you’re experiencing, but turning the right mod wheel on Halion 5 or Halion Sonic solved it for me. There is also an amplifier level knob on the macro which I’ve used to adjust the level to an acceptable degree.
During the install, I did run across the “where to set the sounds” option and went with the default.
My installation of the Symphonic sound set wasn’t from the Valentine’s Day sale btw.