Symphonic Orchestra, status unclear

Firstly I would have posted this in its correct Forum, but it appears that I am not granted permission for this; which is just another niggle in the convoluted path one has to negotiate should anything go wrong with the otherwise excellent Steinberg products. Were the obtaining-payment side of the business to be has rigid in its refusal to meet others needs, I doubt there would even be a Steinberg product, of any type to marvel at. :confused:

Having taken up the offer to buy a couple of the products supplied with Cubase 6, I find that the HALion Sonic works and that the HALion Symphonic Orchestra may work. I say “may work” because from all the pictures that I see it looks as though the HALion Symphonic Orchestra works as a standalone… mine does not.
After following the enforced path to expert-ee for some time (it would be too much to expect a reply to my "Support request form after only 24 hrs) I find that it (may be) that the VST orchestral sounds may be accessed from within HALion Sonic program; that is the up-side, the down-side is that the update patch: HALion_Symphonic_Orchestra_1.5.0.592_32bit when applied, creates a standalone shortcut on my desktop, which when clicked informs me that I do not have a license for this product. My eLicnser (and credit card) inform me that I do.

I see elsewhere in the forums that taking Steinberg to task over these issues is frowned upon and that such people are urged to “stick to the point”, well from my point of view in order to save Steinberg any inconvenience, I have spent the last two days trying to make sense of something which cost me £250+, had to reinstall windows, lost count of the times I have reinstalled these two products; if I could have just had the briefest of conversations with someone who understood the product - without it costing ME a fortune in phone calls - all this would have been avoided. Were it anything else other than software I could take it back to the shop, see a real person, get some help or my money back, IT customers really need to start making a bigger fuss and stop accepting the “Look it up on the forum” fob-off that has become all too prevalent an excuse for poor service.

Prior to yesterday I had no intention of purchasing any more your admittedly wondrous toys and absolutely no need - or spare time - to be trawling through your web pages in the hope of gleaning a nugget or two of information which might help solve a problem NOT of my own making. This experience just makes it all the more difficult for your marketing people in the future.

Are you referring to HAlion Sonic SE with the Symphonic Orchestra add-on… if so, keep in mind that is a sound set, not a separate plug in. If you had the previous HSO, then it can still run as as stand alone, but you cannot use the new sound set with it.

Hope this helps.

HSO (HALion Symphoic Orchestra) is part of HSSE (HALion Sonic SE). It is a sound set, not a stand alone plug-in, and is accessed through HSSE inside Cubase. The HSO version with Cubase 6 is 1.5 already. The update are for older versions.

HS (HALion Sonic) is a separate plug-in, with a number of things in common with HSSE.

Still have problems with the eLicenser? Try to download and install the latest eLicenser!

Thanks for the confirmation guys. :slight_smile:

With regards to the latest eLicenser I believe I already have it, provided it was not released after Friday 10th June 2011.