Symphony Triangles don't have a key? Who knew!

Was looking for a decent triangle sample in Eb. No luck. Then, per wikipedia, it has no definite pitch! … Who knew? :smile:

What i don’t understand is some triangle samples are labelled as being in a certain key …

Hi Alexis. Long time no hear, thought you’d jumped ship…

Well, what to make of that claim? I’ve used triangles quite a bit and found them to be very tuneable, at least on a scale of clang to ting, if you get my drift. That triangle on Snap’s ‘I’ve Got the Power’ pops up regularly on adverts and to my ears is a minor third up from the tonic, which makes it a D. Maybe some tight filtering would help accentuate the pitch you’re looking for. Just a thought.



Hey, C!

Nice to hear from you too.

I did notice there were a lot of frequencies displayed and heard, I’ve started filtering out some and boosting others, we’ll see how far i can take that.

Not familiar with Snap’s I’ve Got the Power, at least by name, I’ll look around a bit.

Thanks very much, @Crotchety !

Interesting point. I think composers want a high pitched ting that they can use for effect in the same way as a cymbal. If they want very high pitched definite notes, they can use a celesta.

Oooh … Thanks, @Early21 gotta look that one up!