Sync 2 machines (N5 + Nuendo Live)

Hi all,

I’m in need for some advice fast.
I need to sync 2 comp’s, Mach A - N5 & Mach B - Nuendo Live.
Now both mach’s will receive WC from separate fixed 48 KHz masters (X32 mixers) thru an usb port
Someone advised to use MTC and I want to try, but what about the WC while doing digital audio?

  • If I lock both comp with a WC cable, will I get errors or glitches?
  • Can I generate MTC in one mach for the other?

Oh yeah, one mach can’t recognise 2 X32 consoles at the same time. It’s something with the asio driver.
And I’ve checked asio4all, but only 8 ch’s appeared in the control panel
Hope anyone can help me out here.

Thanx in advance

You will need WC to lock the machines digitally with the 48K master clock. other wise clicks will happen.

MTC as far as i know is a clock that deals with the actual time position on the playlist. so u hit play… both machines go to 1 minute etc… whilst the WC keeps the samples synced with each other.

So u will need WC as minimum if u want to manually slide and line up audio later in your DAW.

and add MTC if you want the actually machines to behave like one machine when recording…

On bigger live recordings Ive alway let the 2 machines run freely without MTC incase one stopped which would cause both machines to stop. Of course you need WC to stop the digital signals straying over a period of time.

ok heres a bit more…

you can only have one WC master…

so X32 no1… this will be master

X32 no2 will need to slave its word clock from x32 No1.

this maybe done internally if u can daisy chain the units… but if not WC cable OUT of 1 and IN to 2.


Nuendo 5 should be capable of generating MTC and NL is capable of reading it.

Hey man thanx.
I’m not sure if the X32 can be slaved.
The other thing is the interfacing with the comp is via usb and there is no separate WC i/o.
I’ll get back to you on the forum, it’s very busy as the festival is ongoing now.