sync 2 tracks help

can any one answer this question, I am using cubase LE4, I am trying to record some archive live band I recorded on stage in 1976, from analog cassette, it was recorded with a stereo mic, therefore i have a different sound track between R&L channels, all instruments are on both tracks, but because of mic placement on the stage instruments and vocals are not balanced. so to balance the mix I recorded the song, on say, track one cubase in stereo. then reversed R&L inputs and recorded identical song on track 2. my problem when I line up the 2 tracks with" select all and" "nudge " at start of song the song lines up perfect until about halfway through the song then goes out of sync more and more all the way to end of song. It is not a problem with tape speed that has already been eliminated. thanks

Although I don" t understand, why you re-record the same file with reversed chaneels, instead of reversing the channels in Cubase, it quite certainly is variation in tape speed. Or haow did you “eliminate” it, did you use a synchronizer?

pickerguit: I tried a little experiment with Importing a Stereo mix of
a song I did into Cubase, then I duplicated it onto it’s own Track. Then
I did a stereo flip of the duplicated track—right click on the duplicated track
go to process – then “Stereo Flip”----I hope Cubase Le4 has Stereo Flip

Like Thinkingcap-- I to em a bit puzzled with what your trying to achieve.
Is the stereo Image off on your Live 1976 track. :question: :question:

pickerguit: In Wavelab there’s what’s called “Pan Normalizer” that
will equalize a stereo track and make the two tracks the same volume. I use this feature
all the time with old Stereo Recordings and some new. :wink:

Hope this helps :smiley:

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks to all that answered my question and point out my mistake, , i can now achieve what i wanted to do without importing signal twice, by importing 2 mono track instead at same time,. Getting good balance now., the stereo flip is also something will come in handy in future, As is obvious I am in learning stage of recording on computer. I am still puzzled by “nudge” not working though, I don’t need it now, but may be a valuable tool in future .I tried it again and the sync between two tracks creeps about 10 ms after middle of a 2 min song. As per question about cassette transport speed being not constant ,on one rare try I managed, quite by chance, to hit both play and record at perfect timing , both tracks were in perfect sync on cubase so I assumed cassette transport was ok???