Sync Cubase and Pro Tools?

How can I sync Cubase 5 and Pro Tools 12? I want to make Cubase the master and Pro Tools the slave. Essentially, I want to press play, stop, rewind, scrub left, right and have pro tools follow.

I am a using Windows 10
I already have an Ethernet cable and ipMidi, I just can’t seem to get them to work. Someone please help

Is this on the same machine?

You could sync them up on different machines using midi clock, on the same machine using midi clock with virtual midi ports maybe.

Need to be on different machines for processing power and interface problems probably.

What’s the goal here?

I doubt you could us rewire because neither can be a rewire slave.

There are on 2 different computers. The goal is to have cubase (master) as my sequencer and pro tools (slave) to run video simultaneously. This is for film scoring.

This is a very common film scoring set up for Mac users but apparently not so common for windows users. Please help

And what exactly have you done?

I have tried to sync both DAWS via

-Ethernet cable

and nonthing seems to work.

I have been able to sync pro tool or cubase with FL studio but not

Pro tools and cubase together.

So you would send midi from one computer to the other, however you do it, if that ip thing works then it should work.

Use cubase as normal but set up to send midi clock out to whatever port goes to the other computer.

Then on the other computer in PT you change the clock from internal to external to the port that’s got the midi coming from cubase.

Pressing play in cubase should make them both play.

I have tried it. It does not work. It seems like either MTC or MMC has to be used instead of midi clock in order to make both computers run simultaneous.

Of course you have to use MIDI Timecode. MIDI clock is not for transport sync.
Send MTC to Pro Tolls, there make sure, the Project start times and / or MTC offdets are set correctly.

Yes, but what setting in cubase and what setting in pro tools do i use?

In the Cubase “project synchronisation setup” set the “MIDI Timecode destination” which one that is depends on the used hard- or in your case software. Connect the two computers in a way, thex receive the MIDI data. For the correct Pro Tools settings you should probably refer to the pro Tools manual, or a pro tools forum. I don’ t use it, so I can’t tell you. Basically you need to set the port with the incoming MTC (not MIDI clock), and probbaly adjust the timecode range for the project.

I send midi clock to devices and then set the device to external midi timing and they sync, stop/start etc.

Have you checked your midi connection? Can you play midi notes on one computer and use a VSTi on the other computer?

I have tried this but it doesn’t work. I do know that my midi connections work because I have sync FL studio to FL Studio and that works. I just can’t seem to sync Cubase (master) and PT (slave)