Sync Cubase Elements 9.5 to Alesis hd24

Hi Community

I want to be able to syncronize Cubase to the Alesis hd24 harddisc recorder.

I can control Cubases start and stop via midi from the hd24 but I cannot start, stop og set record from Cubase to control the hd24.

I know that the hd24 has to be master and cubase the slave.

In Cubases project syncronization setup I’ve selected the following:

  • Midi timecode,
  • all midi inputs
  • Midi channel 1 on in midi timecode destination
  • Midi channel 1 in Midi clock destination

Check in:

  • Midi clock follows project position
  • Always send start message
  • Send midi clock in stop mode.

and I’ve activated the external sync in the transport bar.

In the studio setup I have created the Generec remote and set the input to all midi inputs and checked the learn, but nothing is learned from the hd 24. I can see on my external midi interface that there’re activity on midi channel 1 when pressing play or stop from the hd24 but no mmc’s are recorded.

10 years ago when I had an early cubase I had no problem controlling the hd24 from Cubase via the same midi setup so it should still be possible, but how?

Best regares Brian

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Please, double-check in the manual if Cubase can act as slave with this type of sync. If I’m not mistaken, this is not supported.

Does the hardware support Mackie Control protocol by any chance?

Hi Martin

Thank you for the welcome.

I’ve been a long time user of Cubase SX. That version had the ability to act as a slave to external equipment. I’m very disappointed that Steinberg have choosen to remove this option.

Yes Cubase Elements does have the Mackie control protocol. Does this give a solution for me when the Alesis HD24 needs to be the master?

Best regards Brian


In that case you can control Cubase from the hardware and Cubase can be slave. Why had to HD24 act as master, please?


Controlling Cubase from the HD24 does work already. No problem. I need to control the HD24 from Cubase so I can record tracks on the HD24 in realtime. But the HD24 cannot be a slave, it needs to be master.

In the old Cubase SX everything worked fine controlling the HD24 from Cubase. That’s a big dissapointment to me.