Sync external sequencer to Cubase question


I want to play a VST Instrument using an external midi sequencer (synced via midi clock to cubase).
Now, the rest of the track and the externally triggered VST seem to be completely out of sync when playing/recording the project. Although the midi data coming in (note triggers) are recorded in sync perfectly. That means when playing back the recorded sequence everything is in sync.

I suspect that Cubase tries to improve latency for this externally played VST, which is useful when using a keyboard or else.
But the external sequencer does not care if VST is played back late when triggering a note.

Can you help me to get both the rest of the track and the triggered VST playing in sync?

Thank you

You cannot sync cubase as slave by midi clock - only the other way around. So cubase has to be the master clock if you use midi clock.

I agree.
I use cubase to sync another PC via a midi sport 4x4 with Rebirth as i can trigger patterns from the keyboard rather than having to play a whole song on Rebirth rewired.It does have some latency but can be adjusted in cubase after recording the audio.
Same sort of problem with external keyboards/synths.


Thanks for the answers on midi sync direction.

But I am thinking like:
Cubase and Sequencer are synced wrt midi . That is, midi notes are recorded in sync to the other tracks of the project. So midi data/notes from the Sequencer and midi data of the other tracks trigger the VSTs.

Now I think all Cubase would have to do is: trigger the VST on the sequencer track at the same time as the other tracks do. With delay compensation that would mean that the VSTs play later than the midi data “is shown” on the screen.
I feel like Cubase is trying to minimize latency on the midi track which is recorded (coming from the sequencer) to allow for less delay when playing e.g. a midi keyboard.
Disabling this feature would result in playing both in sync.

Am I wrong?


Sorry for the bump, but I want to know how I can set-up Cubase (Elements 8) to trigger an external sequencer (i.e. Cubase being the Master).