sync issue, is it solved in the 9.5 version of cubase?

I wonder if it’s something that is solved in the newest version of cubase, and if there is a less expensive way (than $450) to get an update, because I’m not that deep into musical production:
I’m using elements 6
I’m dealing with grove agent 4 drum rolls and halion 5 or sonic arpegiators that I use in cubase elements 6, and it’s awesome how I can “create” music by just pressing and holding buttons, but the two instruments are usually not in sync unless I play it from the start, so it’s hard to reference and make adjustments. I hope it’s just some function button I have to press somewhere, or some update or upgrade maybe?

In GA4 there should be an option kinda uppermiddle/left where you choose the follow transport option. This keeps GA4 aware of where the cursor is. There are deeper options for when to trigger the event as well.

Halion is not quite as straight forward because it isn’t necessarily a “groove” program. It can be, but not as a general rule. You need to look into and understand how the FlexPhraser and some of the other MIDI controller options. You can set the FlexPhraser to sync to host tempo or not. And, it has an option to set when the next retrigger occurs even if you hit a key.