Sync L & R frames in Master Page editor

When I open the Master Page editor, I can see the same frames on L (left) page as in R (right) page. I know they are all independent—if I stretch a frame on one side, nothing happens on the other. That’s all right; it’s already been discussed in other threads that mirroring or copying is a requested feature that will come soon. I’m patiently waiting. The thing is, there’s already some kind of sync between frames that I can’t find how to reproduce… If I edit a text frame on L, any text edition I make IS reflected on R. But if I create a new frame (not the default frames), I can’t find where to link or sync or whatever.
I hope I’m making some sense… ? Any ideas?

P.D. - I’ve spent about an hour searching carefully if this topic already existed, but I couldn’t find it. So, please forgive me if this is already answered somewhere else; just point me there.

Welcome to the forum! And thanks for searching to try and find an answer before you posted.

There is currently no feature to automatically sync the layout between the left- and right-hand pages of a master page definition, but we have just recently (in the last week) implemented this internally and it will be included in the next update.

Thank you so much for your welcome and your answer. I know, as you mentioned in other threads, the sync functionality is still not implemented. But, what’s happening in the gif uploaded? How can I recreate that?

I’m afraid that the means by which the contents of two text frames can be linked together is not currently accessible via the user interface. Under the hood, each text frame’s content can be thought of as a text version of a music flow, and the same text flow can be re-used in various places, but unfortunately at the moment there’s no way to access this via the UI. This will come in the future, however.