Sync Midi and 2 Audios with one click? Make it tight?

Hi there!
So i have one MIDI (drums) and 2 Guitar Audio tracks!

How can i sync the guitar to the quantized MIDI track?
Important: the 2 guitar tracks are one recoding, so they have to be changed the same way?

I think this is not possible yet, is it?


Detect hitpoints for those guitar tracks then do warp quantize. If the MIDI notes are not on straight quantize positions, convert them to a groove template first.

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do i have to do the hitpoints for every event each?
and yeah, the MIDI is perfectly quantized, so this would be the reference.

Yes, each attack needs to have a hitpoint but you can assign them at once.

Or you could record onto a stereo track, then fix the stereo track timing in one go.

Then duplicate the track, but ensure it keeps the same underlying audio audio including tempo fixes.

Then on each of the duplicated tracks insert something like the Mix6to2 Audio insert, which allows you to isolate or re-mix multi-track channels. And add any additional processing after that insert.

all pretty difficult;)

why not select all kind of tracks, then pick the reference and make a sub-select as “please leave these 2 tracks always together”:wink:
@Steinberg_Archived !!! :smiley:

It’s certainly anyone’s personal choice, to wait for Steinberg changing something, or alternatively (or just in the meantime) adjust one’s own workflow :man_shrugging:

I’ve made my choice, and it’s allowed me to stay more productive, compared to waiting for solutions that may or may not ever come.

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It’s almost like that. Open audio editor, set hitpoints and press Q. It can be done in a minute.

If one of the guitar take has a mistake at one point and another played perfect at that point, quantize them in one go will displace the correct take, too. For any kind of live recording, it’s better to do separately.

im still new with Hitpoints.
so I calculated them, set a good threshold
how do i chose the MIDI track as reference and then say “please quantize audio guitar against this MIDI track”?
thanks, maz

  1. name the part e.g. “gtr midi part”
  2. Select the midi part. (all the parts should be connected and start of the part should be from the same place as the audio part.)
  3. Edit → Advanced Quantize → Create Groove Quantize Preset
    → The preset will appear under the quantize menu and on the quantize panel.
  4. Select the audio part(s)
  5. enable audio warp quantize
  6. hit ‘Q’

I was referring to the scenario mentioned in the original post, that the 2 guitar tracks were from the same take - e.g. 2 different mic positions on acoustic guitar or 2 taps from a lengthier electric guitar signal chain (e.g. one clean and one with dirt):

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  1. “The preset will appear under the quantize menu and on the quantize panel.”
    how do you open this panel?

didnt really work yet…i created the preset apparently, but not sure where I find it.

→ ok i found the preset withing the MIDI panel, but within the audio (warp) i cannot set that preset? because there is no quantize section?