Sync playback start/tempo with Cubase

I don’t know if this is possible… but is there a way for Dorico to sync with the tempo and playback of Cubase (I’m on version 8 right now). I don’t need Dorico to play anything back, this for a live playing setup where my audio tracks are in Cubase, along with the monitoring my live mic with some effects. Dorico is where my sheet music is, and what I’m hoping to do is shrink Dorico down to just a small window with the notation scrolling along so I can read it as it goes by. Even if it’s not perfect in sync, that’s not a problem… I just don’t want things to be so de-synced that the music I’m trying to read scrolls by to slow or to fast that is scrolls out of the small window.

Pipedream or possibility?

At the moment, there’s no sync between Dorico and Cubase, but support for something like MTC or ReWire is planned for a future version.