Sync Project and Mixer

Please can we sort something out for this issue?

When you select a track or tracks in the project window they never end up in the middle of the mixer window when switching. Sometimes when you select 10 tracks in the project only one track appears on the extreme left or right of the mix console. This causes a ton of unnecessary scrolling in the mixer. It’s frustrating and a real time-waster. I brought this up a few years ago :unamused:

You mean that if you select a track in the project window you want the mixer to focus on that track so that it is in the middle of the screen, is that correct?

I wouldn’t mind seeing that as an option, but I can see cases where one actually doesn’t want that behavior.

Do you mean that you want to select 10 or so random tracks in the Project window and then have them appear adjacent to each other in the middle of all the other tracks in the Mixer window?

It’s an idea, but it might make things a bit confusing when trying to locate other tracks in the Mixer.

I might, of course, have the wrong end of the stick :slight_smile:

+1 also noticed this already, the current behavior just looks like a faulty implementation to me tbh but I wouldn’t mind having both options in there if needed

Just so you have an idea of why one would maybe not want the (focus of the) two to follow;

  • “selection follows” is optional and syncs one mixer to the selection in the project window. If one doesn’t want the two to sync selection one probably doesn’t want focus to follow either.

  • The project window with its timeline is really sort of meant for a certain set of tasks, and the mixer a different set. They overlap of course, but only partially. So for some people, like me, there are often times where I’ll do one part of my work on for example a TV show in the project window, and whenever I switch to the mixer I’m really looking to do something different. And a lot of times I really don’t need the focus to switch. Not only that, but it can get annoying when it does. I might have set up the mixer a certain way, or remember being at a certain place in the mixer, so when I switch from the project window that’s where I want to be in the mixer - not where the selected channel is.

What I’m looking for is this…

If I select 5 adjacent tracks in the project window I want them to be visible when I open the mixer.

I’m not talking about 5 non-adjacent tracks. That would get really complicated, but it’s a great idea. Perhaps at a later stage there could be an option to open selected tracks only in the second mixer!

In the current workflow it’s frustrating to select 5 adjacent tracks and 90% of the time only one track is visible at the extreme left or right of the mixer. You then have to use the scroll bar to make the other tracks visible.