Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole not always working

The option “Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole” is activated.

Let’s imagine I am on a project. It works correctly. I select an event in project view, it selects the track in MixConsole.

Now I go in a different place of the project. Place locators. Display only the tracks that have events, between the locators. Select an event. It does not sync with MixConsole. If I select a second one, it works.

So, after displaying only the events within the locators, the first selection does not work.
My macro is :

  • Show Channels / Tracks with Data between the Locators
  • Hide tracks with mute events (not sure of the exact English version of this one)

In Cubase Pro 11


Do I understand you right, the Tracks selection follows the Event/Part selection on your side?

Hi Martin, yes that is the case


Sorry, I cannot confirm, it works different here on my side.

After the hiding the selected track and clicking to the other event, the relevant track becomes selected in the Project window and MixConsole. The old track remains selected in both Project window and MixConsole. In the Project window, you can see, the track is selected in the Visibility tab (of course you can’t see it in the track list, while the track is hidden).

OK thanks for checking Martin