synch to Korg D3200


How do I get Cubase to drive my D3200? The D3200 is set to recognise external Word Clock via S/P DIF. It’s detecting that the signal it’s getting from my laptop is 44.1k.

When I start a song in Cubase the Korg doesn’t start though.

Can anyone advise what I need to set up in Cubase?


Word clock and or spdif will synchronise the two sound cards digital clocks in the separate devices so they run together, but has no bearing on synchronising the two sequencers together.

You will probably need to use MIDI timecode or MIDI Clock with start stop switched on.

Under your sync setup, set Cubase to send MTC our and MMC to the Korg, set the Korg to receive MTC/MMC.
Youll need to hook up a MIDI cable from your I/O box Midi Out to the Midi IN on the Korg.

Thanks for the input guys.

I’ve now managed to successfully link the D3200 to Cubase using MMC. I’m using the Korg as the master.

It send MMC including the Record Punch In message (MMC 06). Cubase doesn’t switch into record mode when I press record on the Korg.

Any ideas what I need to do to get this to work - or doesn’t Cubase react to the 06 message?