Synching Low Brass Attack Times with Piano

I am using sample libraries to create a piece featuring low brass (euphonium) and piano. Because the euphonium has a longer attach time I set a track delay on the piano. Then I noticed that the attack time for the Euphonium varies with the velocity. Loud samples have a longer attack time than soft samples.

Is there some soft of automation I can use to vary the time delay on a track, or even better a plug in that will synchronize one track to another based on attack times? The only solution I have come up with so far is to have multiple piano tracks with different time delays. I am hoping to avoid that.


I’m not aware of any kind of plug-in like this. If you wouldn’t mind to do it as destructive change, I can imagine a Logical Editor preset. Based on the Velocity, shift the note left by “Velocity value” ticks.