Synchron Brass PRO

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It seems that the Expression map for VSL’s Synchron Brass doesn’t send the right info to the Synchron player. I’ve installed the installer from VSL’s website.
In my case only the 1st French Horn receives the CC1 data for natural and Legato patches, all other brass instruments in my setup (4331) don’t respond to the dynamics at all, also not to CC data written in the Play window.
For all players the button for Velocity XF is blue and the right expression map is selected for the specific instrument. Synchron player and Dorico 3.5 are both latest version.
Anyone else encountering this?

It may depend on the preset. ‘Velocity’ presets respond to CC2 for dynamics (when VelXF is enabled). ‘VelXF’ presets respond to CC1.

I think VSL’s playback templates expect the ‘Velocity’ presets.


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Thanks Paolo, but the expression map is set to velocity as 1st dynamic control and CC1 as 2nd. The library is loaded with VelXF by default, so this should be working. The strange thing is that French Horn 1 does respond to CC data, where the rest of the Horns (2-4 in my case) have the same set-up, but don’t respond.

Probably better to ask on the VSL forum. Then you hear from Andi, who created the EMs

I assume you are actually using the template and not just the expression maps independently? As this opens a separate instance of the player for each channel, there can thus be no risk of mismatching channels as everything will be channel 1. And of course there is only one EM for horns so in theory what you describe seems impossible given the checks already carried out. Perhaps if you could attach a short bit of the project to show the actual instruments used and how they appear in Play mode, it might be possible to see something. I don’t have that VSL brass library (I’d need to substitute the SE bass for testing) but may be able to replicate the finding anyway if there’s no-one who can match your setup exactly.

I’m assuming that this a new score and not an MusicXML import or something. Imports are notorious for naming the horns slightly differently from the Dorico setup which can cause issues.
I wouldn’t rule out bugs in the VSL templates --I have seen a number myself, but I just don’t at the moment see how this can be caused by a bug.