Synchron Percussion 1 Mapping strategies or suggestions

Hi folks,

I used the 3 for 4 VSL Vienna vouchers sale and bought Synchron Percussion 1… As I’m pretty certain the Dorico integration doesn’t support this library yet I thought I’d ask on here if people might have maps for any of these instruments.

I know I can probably just copy the method used in the synchronized Special Editions as a model but would be interested to see how users have napped this fairly detailed library.

I realize it might be a few months work! Definitely worth it I think. One of the users on the forum mentioned editing in a text file to change and create the new maps and assign all the playing techniques. I opened a Dorico library file as a text on my MacBook Pro in Preview natively and it all looked pretty confusing to assign things that way. Unless there is a better app to make the process quicker I’ll just go in and struggle my way through.

John if you’re out there, I feel a Dorico Discover on percussion and percussion playing techniques with notehead assignments and kits both single line and multiple line would be really helpful.

Daniel did mention that you can save a 1 line instrument can be exported as a kit but I don’t think it worked? Not 100% sure I could have done something wrong (and probably did!)

I have about 15-20 threads saved on the topic of percussion mapping and still find the whole process quite difficult and confusing.

Not to sound like I’m complaining at all as I’ve loved Dorico and been working on playback things since version 2, just feel like a step by step tutorial would help.

As has been said before, the challenge with percussion is that no library is the same so there isn’t a one size fits all category.

The other issue I guess is a notation factor. Not all composers seem to have the same method. Am I only limited to notations that are predefined in the edit Percussion playing techniques editor. If I have to start specifying rubs, scrapes and superball variations etc, I’m going to be in a bit of a struggle to even get the right noteheads to look like the correct sound I want to trigger. Then on top of that the mallets rods and brushes etc.

The BBCSO maps do not have percussion playing technique notehead variations assigned for percussion playing techniques in the setup window. I started with assigning notehead tremolo strokes for some of the drums. I had a real challenge trying to get the suspended cymbal to choke and damp etc…

I did a lot of reading and searching the forum and actually emailed discoverdorico etc ages ago but did not hear back. It’s no drama though because I eventually learnt a lot through a lot of trial and error and have got enough to make a good start…

The program is so strong I think because of this forum. I’m hoping VSL will integrate these percussion libraries but I could see why they might not. It would take a very long time!

Hopefully I can get this done and have some fun. That’s the plan anyway!

Look forward to hearing from anyone out there who has tamed this beast of a library.

Thanks Dorico team and merry Xmas to all, Cheers Simon.

For a little example of how percussion mapping works in Dorico, see here:

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