Synchronization Dorico with VST-instrument during recording

Hello community!

I have a problem during the recording process in Dorico 5.1.40

Play-button: Dorico’s bar 1 is Bar 1 in VST-instrument! Perfectly sychronized!


Record-button: When I would like to record in Dorico’s Bar 1, the VST-instrument starts always in bar 9…

Is this a problem/settings (?) in Dorico or in the VST-instrument? (EZkeys2)

Thanks so much for your help!!!

It’s a problem in Dorico, with a boring technical reason. There’s nothing you can do about this at the moment, I’m afraid – it requires some changes in the way the tempo and time signature synchronization features work.

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Dear Daniel! Thank you very much for your quick answer! What a pity!
Could there be a “workaround” with this TXL Timecode Expert 2…? Like it’s explained in this video: Streamline Your Composing Workflow - Sync Dorico & Cubase (

If yes, is there someone who did this with Dorico and EZkeys 2 running? Thank you very much for your support and best wishes!

Another solution can be to record the music that Dorico is playing. I use Voicemeeter Banana for this.
Voicemeeter has a record function. For this solution Voicemeeter has to be the audio device engine. You can use the ASIO driver of Voicemeeter, or you can use a program as ASIO4ALL and select Voicemeeter in it.

Hello mmka!
Thanks for this hint, but I don’t think this is a solution for my problem, because, I don’t want to have an audio file, but MIDI/ Dorico-files, which I can work with later…

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