Synchronization Issues - VG Silk- CB 8.5

I don’t know if this is a software or CB issue. Can anybody tell me about the experience using Ujam Virtual Guitarist Silk? I haven’t found anything about this in internet… This is my issue:

I use cubase 8.5 in Windows 10 and I have never could use silk due to synchronization issues when playing. It’s frustrating. When I play from a quantized snapped point in my timeline, it plays well; however If I play from a non-quantized point, the synchronization of the sound is a complete disaster.
MusicLab real guitar patterns play perfect, no issues.
Also I use VG Iron with no issues.

Please let me know about your expierence using Silk with Cubase

Archeology :wink:, but indeed no info on the internet. Just bought their (Ujam) VG suite and VG Silk synchronisation is a nightmare for me so far in CB 10.5. With all the notes quantized, Silk plyas just fine for some bars and then issues begin. It loses speed-parameter for a couple of notes, or it just changes it to 1.0 even though it is set to 0.5.
Finally, after a while of use it changes the “style” parameter permanently. The current style name is displayed correctly, but the instrument is playing something completely different. Sometimes it is enough to toggle one style back and forth, and sometimes it changes to completely random style and you have to find the target one in the list. Similar glitches with styles happen in VG Iron, but much less often.

So far, I’ve only been using it for a few days, but I’m already starting to see some regularities, so I’ll probably report it to the developers. For now, I’m just looking for information on this, and that’s why I wrote here - maybe now there will be someone who has encountered similar issues with VG Silk.

Perhaps I need any specific midi preference settings - I’m not an midi expert. I’ve tried so far “Reset on stop” setting - without affecting the issue. Also “Defaults” doesn’t change VG Silk odd behaviuor.

Cheers, Kuba